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Experience The True Board: A juice management solution & much more
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Why The True Board?


The True Board

Transform your food preparation with The True Board, where design meets functionality at 24x18x1.5 inches. Our cutting board is the answer to common kitchen frustrations:

  • Effective juice control with an innovative groove system
  • End to wobbly and noisy boards with adjustable stability
  • Safe and secure knife placement
  • No more slippery grips, thanks to ergonomic handling
  • Combat moisture with elevated, mold-resistant design
  • Elevate your kitchen's aesthetic with a board that stands out

Embrace the cutting board revolution with The True Board – where every chop, slice, and dice is a pleasure.

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What is The True Board?
WHY is The True Board now the ultimate choice for every cook?

The True Board is a SOLUTION...
to end these frustrations.
It's an answer with TRUE function, durability, longevity, and beauty.


  • The quality or state of being able to make something straight, flat, or even, to a useful outcome.
  • Having all the expected or necessary qualities.
  • To become real

ULTIMATELY? We Raised It Up!

The Raise It Up logo says it all,

Raise IT Up! Be True!

Not only our motto and instructions for our actions and life, but the "Raise IT Up" logo also functions to show the user the direction to spin the foot to raise the board “UP”
in that corner to direct the juice!



Board Slope Adjustability

  • Four adjustable feet to enhance the juice experience! Designed to level or un-level the board to direct juices straight into the accompanying stainless-steel bowl, preventing mess and ensuring capture and capable redistribution, while also eliminating any wobble for stable, safe, and precise cuts!

Angled Juice Groove

  • Even better! The sloped groove adds to the board’s ability to collect the juice, redistribute the juice, and meanwhile, keep your countertops clean from overflow!
  • Stainless Steel Collection AND Redistribution Bowl
  • Redistribute the juice back to the meat on the board to keep your creation nice and moist, OR redistribute the juice immediately to an awaiting friend or family member’s plate!

Large Steel Handles

  • Carry with confidence! Transport your culinary creations with ease, thanks to the large steel handles that offer a comfortable and secure grip!

Strong Earth Magnets

  • Safeguard your knives and keep the handles clean with strong integrated earth magnets on each side of the board, providing a convenient and secure elevated location!


  • The raised board design protects against the board from sitting in moisture, minimizing the potential for seeding of mold and fungus. It also provides more storage location under the board.

Beauty AND Sustainable Materials

  • FSC Certified Teak: Invest in sustainability with our board's FSC certified plantation-grown teak, chosen for its durability, longevity, and natural beauty, aligning with eco-friendly practices. The True Board will truly be a center piece of your kitchen... and likely conversation!

Juiced to Perfection: Our Customers Speak

Don't just take our word for it. Hear how The True Board has transformed kitchens and barbecues across the country

Craftsmanship & Community: The Heart of True Board

Meet The Founders

Matt Scott, a passionate co-founder of The True Board, brings his vision of enhancing dining experiences from his Montana roots to the sunny climes of Southern California. With a notable 26-year career in the medical device field and as a proud father, Matt infuses his life’s work with a commitment to community and sustainability. His entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop there; as co-owner of Kingdom Outdoor Living, he helps clients achieve their dream living spaces, emphasizing solar power for a sustainable future. Matt’s life is a tapestry of professional success, fatherhood, coaching, and even authorship, with his children's book series promoting positivity and success.

Jonny Fraser Regnery, the creative powerhouse behind The True Board, combines his entertainment industry charisma with a hands-on approach to carpentry, a skill honed from his farm upbringing and a grandparent's influence. An Indiana University alum with a substantial acting career, Jonny found a parallel calling in construction, showcasing his craftsmanship in various high-profile projects. His entrepreneurial journey began with JF Designs and continued with Kingdom Outdoor Living, co-founded with Matt. The True Board, born from their shared passion for cooking and craftsmanship, stands testament to their creativity and resilience, charting a course for success with strategic partnerships.

Raise IT Up!
More About Mr. Matt Scott: The True Board VisionaryMore About Mr. Jonny Fraser Regnery: The Artisan Behind The True Board
Giving Back With Every Board
Our Commitment To Community

For every board purchased, The True Board will donate one book from the Find Something Awesome! book series to the Orthopedic Institute for Children.

Join us in our mission to raise UP spirits and aspirations—one board, one book at a time.

Good morning Matt,

I wanted to take a moment to once again express our sincere appreciation for your generous contribution to our pediatric patients here at Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) in Downtown Los Angeles.  The thoughtfulness of you and Finding Something Awesome cannot be overstated.  OIC provides unparalleled care for patients with musculoskeletal disorders regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We are doctors, surgeons, nurses, researchers, administrators and volunteers committed to helping children lead healthy, active lives.  Certainly, your donation of 600 books goes a long way to helping the children we serve to not just be healthy and active but to also “realize the power of their brains to be happy and successful” as Find Something Awesome aims to do! As you’ll see in the attached photos, a few of the children have already begun!

Matt, we welcome the opportunity for you to visit us and learn more about OIC. I would love to explore more ways to have Finding Something Awesome involved!

Please let me know if you’d be interested in visiting and thank you again for your support!

Michael Willis
Manager, Volunteer Services & Community Outreach, Orthopedic Institute for Children


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